Ahmad Z. Tibi
Tel. +971-50-2844176 (UAE) :: +963-21-5266592/3 (SYR)
Email http://www.Tibi-Group.com
Personal Data
Nationality Syrian Arab Republic
Address Dubai - UAE
Degree Bachelor of Computer Engineering click
University Aleppo University SYRIA
Major Computer & Logical System Engineering
Education Description Study started from the mathematics concepts and electronic materials as Electrical Principles, Electronic Engineering, to Logical Structure, Communication, Computer Architecture and Organization, Control using Computer including PLC devices, Computer Peripherals and Computer Networks; in addition in Software covered programming concepts, Algorithms, programming hardware by using machine language, Assembly language, high level language and Operating Systems, System Analysis which leads to designing Database
Grade Good (average = 65.18%), and over 72% for the last three years
Spoken Languages Arabic : (mother language)
English : (Very Good)
German : (Second level)
Professional Development
Course name PMP - Project Management Professional click
Institute Chicago Management Institute / Sharjah Year 2012 (Ongoing)
Course name Machine Learning click
Institute Stanford University (online) Year 2012
  This course provides a broad Introduction to machine learning, datamining and statistical pattern recognition. Covering supervised and unsupervised learning, best practices in machine learning. Also draw from numerous case studies and applications.
Course name Software Engineering for SaaS click
Institute Berkeley University (online) Year 2012
  Learn fundamental processes of software engineering using the highly-productive Agile development method for Software as a Service (SaaS) using Ruby on Rails. The emphasis is on learning the processes, tools and concepts, using SaaS as the vehicle.
Course name Human-Computer Interaction click
Institute Stanford University (online) Year 2012
  Learn how to design technologies that bring people joy, rather than frustration. Learn several techniques for rapidly prototyping and evaluating multiple interface alternatives.
Course name PLC - Programmable Logical Controllers click
Institute Syrian Computer Society (SCS) Year 2005
  This important experience gave me a practical knowledge of the automation systems used in the manufacturing including the features of the Siemens, Moeller PLC devices, the installing also the programming; in addition to developing HMI projects.
Course name Databases click
Institute Stanford University (online) Year 2013
  Learning about databases and the use of database management systems, primarily from the viewpoint of the designer, user and developer of database applications. The course covers relational databases and SQL as well as covers semi-structured and unstructured data using the XML and JSON models. It covers different ways of designing databases and includes such important topics such as; indexes, views, transactions, authorization, integrity, triggers, and online analytical processing (OLAP). Towards the end of the class, Cloud databases and NoSQL systems also covered.
Course name AutoCad 2D click
Institute Syrian Computer Society (SCS) Year 2009
  Syrian Engineers Union
  Syrian Computer Society (SCS)
Summary of Qualification
Automation & Control  
  Automation System: design, develop and support of hardware and software for Automation system, focusing mainly on resources control systems on the basis of IP enabled controls, including Beckhoff system and integrated it with the various control items and electromagnetic control circuits
  User Interface: develop professional & simple to use UI and integrate with the automation system to allow user to interact with the control system's features and gives graphical details about its real time system variables
  Programming PLC devices (as Beckhoff system using TwinCat IDE) and good knowledge in k-bus protocol
  Integrating DALI lighting fixtures with automation system
  Connect automation system with enocean devices via RFID as input
  Controlling blind motors (as Somfi) and AC fans and compressor via automation system
  Home Automation System: I have experience on the most famous communication protocols (CBus System - HDL-Bus System - KNX/EIB System), Lighting Control System (Dynalite Clipsal) and Security System (HAI - Comfort)
  Prepare shop and schematic drawings using AutoCAD
IT Skills and knowledge  
  System analysis and design DataBases
  C# programming language and Visual Studio.NET IDE
  ASP.NET & PHP programming language for web application
  Ruby on Rails for developing SaaS application, and testing software techniques using Cucumber and RSpec
  MCITP Windows Server 2008 Server Administration
  C++ programming language & C++Builder and Delphi development applications tools
  Web Development tools and techniques (Dreamweaver & Cascading Style Sheets 'CSS' & HTML & XHTML & JavaScript & XML) for Web Development and (Photoshop & Flash & SwishMax) for Designing
  Highly computer and Internet literate
  Experience installing, configuring and troubleshooting computer hardware
  Good knowledge about Assembly language and hardware programming